Sunday, May 12, 2013

From ordinary to mind-expanding: capacities of storytelling

A story links experienced or imagined events [1]:
Storytelling is a mirror of ordinary everyday social experience: of all the arts, it is the best suited to portray the mundane imaginative structures of memory, immediate perception, planning, calculation, and decision-making, both as we experience them ourselves and as we understand others to be experiencing them.
Denis Dutton, 2009.

From stories we can learn how to overcome obstacles. Typical stories contain either open or hidden advice. A story may prepare its reader for future situations and how to deal with those. And told or written in an artful, exciting, thrilling way, listening to or reading a story always is a great pleasure.

Keywordsliterary narrative, imagination, fiction

References and more to explore
[1] Denis Dutton: The Art Instinct. Beauty, Pleasure & Human EvolutionBloomsbury Press, New York, 2009; page 119.

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